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Enhancing Your Race Experience

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Enhancing Your Race Experience

We are always listening to your feedback, to enhance your race experience with us. A frequent comment we receive is that a balaclava should be worn when wearing one of our communal helmets. So we’ve listened to your feedback!

That’s why we are introducing a new rule. So from 2nd November 2015, if you are wearing one of our helmets, you will need to wear a balaclava whilst racing with us.

You have a few options to choose from; you can purchase a disposable balaclava from us when you arrive for just 50p, or if you’d like to get a reusable cotton balaclava you can purchase this for only £3.50. And of course, if you have your own balaclava you can use this instead.

Some frequently asked questions:

Do I need to wear a balaclava if I bring my own helmet? No. If you are using your own helmet then it is entirely up to whether you wish to wear a balaclava.

Can I pay for this when I book my race session? Yes. If you wish to pay for your balaclava at the time of booking your event then just let us know and we can add a disposable or reusable balaclava on to your booking so you can simply collect on arrival.


If you have further questions in regards to this, please call us on 0844 9980 000 or contact us at [email protected]

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