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Member Events at Manchester

Upcoming Manchester #GRID Events


Keep an eye out below for our Monthly #GRID Events which will be released every month.

We will keep you up to date by e-mail on a monthly basis letting you know about any Track News, Upcoming Events and your Monthly Hot Lap Leaderboard Top 10 as well as frequent updates on our TeamSport Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Should you require any assistance or need any questions answered about your membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you all on The #GRID!

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.


Upcoming Manchester #GRID Events

#GRID Top Gun - £35pp
12th October, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Formula 1 - £35pp
20th September, 7pm arrival
18th October, 7pm arrival

#GRID Track Attack - £35pp
27th September, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Nerf Gun - £35pp
6th October, 7:45pm arrival

#GRID Electro Team Challenge - £25pp (£75 per team of three)
25th October, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID UL - £31.50pp
24th September, 5pm arrival
8th October, 5:15pm arrival
22nd October, 4:45pm arrival

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