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Leeds Member Only Events

Upcoming Leeds #GRID Events

Member Events at TeamSport Leeds

#GRID Events are announced at least a month in advance and can fill up fast so keep an eye out for new events either below or at the track.

You can also keep up-to-date with all TeamSport goings-on through our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages!

Should you require any assistance or need any questions answered about your membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Monday Night Club

We are pleased to say that Monday Night Club will continue every Monday night as part of our Adult #GRID events.

TeamSport would like to welcome all Drivers Club and Junior Karting License Members to The #GRID. We will be automatically transferring your membership across and your membership number will change but you will be able to collect your new #GRID pack when you next come down to race!

Junior Drivers who currently hold a Junior Karting License will also be automatically transferred over as a #GRID Cadet Member. Any outstanding credits will continue with us and you will also have the chance to take part in Junior #GRID Events.

Check out our current member's top times on our Hot Lap Leaderboards to see what you're aiming for!

Not sure how your competition always seems to pip you to the post every time? Check out our extensive collection of Track Tips to see which technique you need to tweak.

We look forward to seeing you all on The #GRID!


Upcoming Leeds #GRID Events

*New format* Cadet Academy - £31.50pp (Members), £35pp (Non-Members)
~ For the future young stars of the track ~ Check out TeamSport Leeds' Cadet Academy page for more dates and information ~

Typically every third Wednesday

Monday Night Club - £20pp
Every Monday, from 6.30pm

#GRID Sunday Unlimited Nights - £30pp
~ 5 x 10 minute sessions ~

Every Sunday, 5.15pm arrival

#GRID Hunted - £35pp
~ 3 x 15 minute sessions ~ 20 seconds into each race the "Hunter" is released ~ anyone caught by the "Hunter" is out for the rest of the session ~

19th April, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Mini GP Plus (Mini Grand Prix +) - £30pp [Member Only]
~ 15 minute qualifying ~ 15 minute race ~ 15 minute reverse reverse grid start race ~

26th April, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Chase The Ace - £35pp
~ 5 minute practise ~ 40 minute race where drivers must catch our "Ace" within the allotted time ~

2nd May, 6:30pm arrival
5th June, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Four Hour Iron Man Challenge
>> £140 per team [first four sold] <<
>> £180 per team [next four sold] <<
>> £210 per team [next four sold] <<
>> £240 per team [last four sold] <<

~ 20 minute practise ~ 4 hour race (in teams of four) ~

10th May, 6:30pm arrival
14th June, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Survivor (Junior Members) - £35pp
~ 3 x 15 minute sessions ~ 39 seconds into each race the "Hunter" is released ~ anyone caught by the "Hunter" is out for the rest of the session ~ ~

16th May, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Welcome 50 Laps - £36pp (for members who have joined in the past three months)
~ 5 lap practise ~ 50 lap race ~

27th May, 7:15am arrival
27th June, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Sprint Challenge - £50pp
~ 10 lap practise ~ 3 x 25 minute races ~

19th June, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Members vs. Staff - £20pp
~ Teams of three drivers ~ Same as Monday Night Club format ~

28th June, 6:30pm arrival

#GRID Junior Shootout - £27pp
~ 10 minute qualifying ~ 10 minute race (grid-start) ~ 10 minute final (reverse grid-start) ~

New dates coming soon!

#GRID Mansell - £37pp
~ 5 lap qualifying ~ 45 minute race ~

New dates coming soon!

Call 0844 998 0000* for more information or to book!

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