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Leeds Members

Welcome to The #GRID

TeamSport would like to welcome all Drivers Club and Junior Karting License Members to The #GRID. We will be automatically transferring your membership across and your membership number will change but you will be able to collect your new #GRID pack when you next come down to race!

Junior Drivers who currently hold a Junior Karting License will also be automatically transferred over as a #GRID Cadet Member. Any outstanding credits will continue with us and you will also have the chance to take part in Junior #GRID Events.

All members can look forward to receiving:

  • A #GRID Balaclava*
  • 10% off Standard Events at all TeamSport venues
  • A Loyalty Card (Race Six Times, 7th Race is Free!)
  • Eligibility to race in #GRID Race Events
  • Hot Lap Leaderboard Entry (Adult Karts Only)
  • A complimentary Open Timed Race Session for your Birthday
  • Quick sign-in on every visit and a Drivers Briefing only every six months*

*Cadet members will not receive a balaclava and will be required to attend Drivers Briefing on every visit.

Monday Night Club

We are pleased to say that Monday Night Club will continue every Monday night as part of our Adult #GRID events.

You can also keep an eye out below for our Monthly #GRID Events which will be released every month including a popular TeamSport format called Chase The Ace!

We will keep you up to date by e-mail on a monthly basis letting you know about any Track News, Upcoming Events and your Monthly Hot Lap Leaderboard Top 10 as well as frequent updates on our TeamSport Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Should you require any assistance or need any questions answered about your membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you all on The #GRID!

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.


Upcoming Leeds #GRID Events

Monday Night Club - £20pp
Every Monday, from 6.30pm


[Adults] Unlimited Night - £27pp
13th August, 4.35pm arrival

[Adults] 50 Lap Race - £40pp
26th July, 8.35pm arrival

[Adults] Mini Grand Prix - £30pp
3rd August, 8.05pm arrival

[Adults] Mini GP + - £30pp
20th July, 7:30pm arrival

Will you be the next Champion?

Sunday Unlimited Nights - £27pp
Every Sunday, 5.00pm arrival

Member Only Extended Mini Grand Prix - £30pp
9th August, 7:30pm arrival

Cadet & Juniors Member Mini Grand Prix - £25pp
7th August, 5:45pm arrival

Member Only 50 Lap Race - £40pp
31st August, 7:45pm arrival

Call 0844 998 0000* for more information or to book.

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