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Do I need to be a member to participate?
Yes. This year’s competition is only open to #GRID members however you can purchase membership prior to setting the required top three lap times in order to take part.

  1. How many rounds are there?
    There are four rounds. Round One is a fastest lap time competition, Round Two is a Local Final at your home track, Round Three is a Regional Final, and Round Four is the Grand Final at our brand new Stoke-On-Trent track!
  2. When can I enter?
    You must set three laptimes between the 1st July & 31st August 2019 in order to qualify for the Local Final at your home track. The top 3 drivers in each category will then progress to the Regional Finals, and finally the top 3 drivers in each category from the Regional Finals will progress to the Grand Final.
  3. Can I set all three lap times for July & August in one race session?
    All lap times need to be set on separate visits.
  4. Can I set my lap times at different tracks?
    No, you must compete at the same track throughout rounds one and two of the competition. You are also limited to only competing within one region.
  5. What type of sessions can I set my laps on?
    You can set your laps on any type of race session. Unfortunately loyalty cards, quick return vouchers, and free birthday sessions are not valid.
  6. Do I need to set the fastest lap in Round One?
    The aim is to set your fastest possible lap times across three races as the average of these times will be taken into account for the Local Final.
  7. Will my lap times be automatically entered?
    No, you will be required to ensure your times are submitted at the end of your visit with a member of staff or at reception, your times will then be registered. You will need to do this for every visit no matter how many times you visit, and the top three times will be your final submission.
  8. What are the categories?
    There are 6 categories in this year’s competition: 
    Cadet (8-11 years old) 
    Junior (12-16 years old) 
    Featherweight (+16 years old, -70kg) 
    Lightweight (+16 years old, 71-85kg) 
    Heavyweight (+16 years old, 86-100kg) 
    Super Heavyweight (+16 years old, +100kg)
  9. What if my age or weight changes during the Championship?
    You will remain in the category that you were placed in at the Local Final. We allow a contingency of +/-2.5kg from your initial weight between the period from the Local Final through to the National Final. Weigh-ins will take place before each event and are wearing all race gear. Seat inserts are not included in this weighing. Artificial weighting is prohibited: any drivers found to be using additional weights will be disqualified.
  10. My nearest track is Liverpool, will my finals be all the way in London?
    The Regional Finals will be at a track within the Region that your local track is located, and we have removed the need for drivers based at a track that is hosting a Regional Final to compete at an alternative location.
  11. What is the format of the competition?
    The format of each stage of the Finals will remain the same. Each will consist of the following for each driver: Practice for 10 minutes, 3x Heats of 8 minutes starting in random grid order where points will be awarded according to finish position, and a Final of 15 minutes starting in grid order determined by the total number of points accumulated during the heats.
  12. How much does it cost to enter?
    Participants must have a valid annual Membership, which costs £19.95 to renew for a year. The entry cost will depend on what type of race sessions you book to attend and set your lap times. Local & Regional Finals are priced at £30 per driver, with the Grand Final being free of charge! There are two combo deals available to purchase. The first is priced at £105 and entitles the purchaser to 4x Open Timed Race Sessions for Qualifying during July and August and entry to the Local Final. The second is priced at £160 and entitles the purchaser to 6x Open Timed Race Sessions for Qualifying during July and August, and entry to both the Local & Regional Final. In the event that the purchaser does not qualify for the Regional Final, the purchaser will be entitled to race on a #GRID Members event at their home track as an alternative. This must be used before the end of December 2019.
  13. What are the prizes this year?
    Watch this space and we will update you when we have finalised the list of epic prizes!! It will be worth the wait!
  14. My membership expires during the competition, can I still enter?
    You will need to renew your membership to continue your participation in the competition.
  15. Can TeamSport & ScotKart staff participate?
    No. Unfortunately members of staff cannot enter KartChamps.

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