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Gosport Track News

Gosport Track News

09.08.15 TOP GUN!

This morning we held the first of two #GRID events for August the Topgun - no practice or qualification, straight into a random order grid started 1 hour race.

Six competitors rose to the challenge and went to the grid in the following order:

P1-Simon Slack, P2-Oakley Rogers, P3-Ian Burnell-Fraser, P4-Jim Pitter, P5-Luke Tate and P6- Bradley Court (returning ‘ACE’ racing FREE OF CHARGE).

The race started and before the drivers had even got from the grid to the start line Bradley Court had moved up into 4th place as Jim Pitter made short work of getting past Simon Slack and Oakley Rogers, at the end of the first full lap he had moved to 1st place, keeping the position for around 10 further laps whilst having Bradley breathing down his neck in 2nd place. All the while this battle was going on Ian Burnell-Fraser was closing the gap from his 3rd position to get back into contention for the lead.

After many patient laps waiting for a gap Bradley moved to the inside on the back straight, taking 1st place from Jim as they went through the right hander before the bridge, by now the front runners were having to pass the back markers and this helped Bradley gain a 3 lap advantage by the end of the race as he seemed to find it easier to get through the traffic.

Bradley kept the lead for the rest of the race, Jim drove well in 2nd but just couldn’t match Bradley for pace and Ian Burnell-Fraser held 3rd place till the finish, good drives

Final result:

1st Bradley Court - 121 laps, Best Lap 28.825
2nd Jim Pitter - 118 laps, Best Lap 29.198
3rd Ian Burnell-Fraser - 118 laps, Best Lap 29.569
4th Oakley Rogers - 117 laps, Best Lap 29.491
5th Luke Tate - 116 laps, Best Lap 29.784
6th Simon Slack – 114 laps, Best Lap 29.965

Next event scheduled – CHASE the ACE, Thursday Aug 27th at 7:30pm £34.99 per driver



WE see our first set of finalists qualify from the first Track Attack round to represent TeamSport Gosport in this years KartChamps!

Matthew Whittenham, James Sadler, Ian Burnell-Fraser, Jacques Bridges and Joshua Whittington-couch have all secured their places and are ready to compete in the KartChamps final taking place at TeamSport Reading.

With two more Track Attack rounds to go, if you've qualified Round 1 then don't miss out on taking the chance to secure your place in the final!

Who will be crowned KartChamp 2015?!

01.08.15 JULY HOT LAPS!

TOM Butts takes the top spot for July with a lap time of 29.103s closely followed by Francesco Melacrinis in 2nd place with 29.172s!

In 3rd place we see Harrison West with a great lap of 29.495s.

Can you take the top spot for August? Check back in September to see if your name is on the August Hot Lap Leaderboard!


BRADLEY Court takes the top spot for June with a lap time of 28.851s.

Tom Mansfield comes in 2nd place with 29.289s closely followed by Tom Butts in 3rd place with 29.308s. 

Can you take the top spot for July? Check back in August to see if your name is on the July Hot Lap Leaderboard!


Can Gosport be crowned KartChamps? Don't forget you have until June 30th to set your first two lap time entries.

If you do not submit two lap times before the end of June then it's game over for you!

You can get all the details on this years competition here

01.06.15 MAY HOT LAPS!

It's a joint first place for May with Sheldon Twiddy and Allen Stallard both setting a top lap time of 28.840s!

3rd place goes to Edd Bullen with 28.860s.

Can you take the top spot for June? Check back in July to see if your name is on the June Hot Lap Leaderboard!


Last night we ran the monthly #GRID members individual format race night, this month it was the INDYCAR (10 minute free practice, 4 lap average qualifying and a full 30 minute race to decide the winners).

The returning ACE from last months race (competing free of charge this race as his prize) Jon Gooch was only challenged by 4 other competitors but it still made for a great race!!!! 

After the qualifying session the drivers lined up behind the pace-kart ready for the race start with Allen Stallard in pole position, Tom Mansfield 2nd, Jon Gooch 3rd, Ian Burnell-Fraser 4th & Austin Eveleigh starting from 5th.

Some very close racing followed with very good lap times, the top 4 drivers being split by only a few seconds for the first 10 minutes or so. The only change of position was from Jon Gooch managing to get past Tom Mansfield for 2nd place by the time the chequered flag was waved.

A very well done to Austin who was in his first ever competitive race with us and managed to do really well against the more regular members.

The full result was as follows:

1st - Allen Stallard - best lap 28.993
2nd - Jon Gooch - best lap 29.002
3rd - Tom Mansfield - best lap 29.132
4th - Ian Burnell-Fraser - best lap 29.554
5th - Austin Eveleigh - best lap 30.603

Congratulations to Allen Stallard who will race free of charge on the June event (Sunday 28th June at 9am).



KartChamps 2015 is off to a start, and don't forget all you need to do to get involved is set 2 lap times before June 30th and then another time in July in order to qualify through to Track Attack.

There's some epic prizes up for grabs, so do not miss out!

Find out everything you need to know here.


FRASER Line comes in 1st place for hot laps in April with a time of 28.747s. Closely followed in 2nd place by Jon Gooch with 28.770s and Lukasz Luszczek in 3rd place with 28.825s!

Can you take the top spot for May? Check back in June to see if your name is on the May Hot Lap Leaderboard!


The drivers all got a 5 minute practice session each before they were allocated their karts for the hot lap qualifier.
They were then allocated into their races with the slower qualifying group racing first.

Both races went well with a few red lights on the second race due to a couple of kart swaps at the beginning with Tom Mansfield and Ian Burnell-Fraser swapping their karts within the first 5 mins of the race.

The winners from the slower qualifiers race were Jim Pitter (3rd) James Dougherty (2nd) and Ed Bullen winning.

The winners from the faster groups race were Adam Ferris (3rd) Allen Stallard (2nd) and Jon Gooch winning.

All drivers appeared to be very happy with this evenings event and congratulations to Jon Gooch who has the title of Ace for the May #GRID race.


We are celebrating our 4000 followers with the chance to win free karting when we reach 4500 followers! If you're not following us already then make sure you change that now, and get involved by simply retweeting our post for #TeamSport4000 to enter!

You can follow and retweet us here!



Cadet Karter, Lewis Foster, takes the #1 spot for March with an EPIC lap time of 28.790s at just 11 years old!

Jon Gooch comes in 2nd place with a lap time of 28.990s and in 3rd place we see Allen Stallard with a speedy 29.030s!

Can you take the top spot for April? Check back in May to see if your name is on the April Hot Lap Leaderboard!


We've got some awesome formats for our Member Only events in April including limited Member Only spaces reserved on the Sunday Unlimited Nights and the fantastic Chase the Ace for our most competitive karters. New PBs and Hot Lap victories expected!

Check out all our upcoming Member Only Events here.


Can Gosport bring home the KartChamps crown? It's that time of the year again!

KartChamps Qualifying starts in May, where you need to set two top lap times between May 1st and June 30th, with a final lap time set by July 31st!

We've got epic prizes to be won and some serious competition between now 13 TeamSport Indoor Karting venues... !

Do you have what it takes to become TeamSport KartChamp of 2015?!

Find out everything you need to know here.

19.03.15 F1 RACE NIGHT!

The race got off to a great start with all members arriving early allowing us to start the briefing and get the proceedings under way. 

Practice got off to a flying start with all drivers having a 9 minute practice session. After practice we then got the qualifying heat out with all drivers being allowed 11 minutes before the back markers were flagged off.

Race 1 went under way smoothly followed by a reverse grid start for the second race - the members also opted for our 'dummy pit stop' making the drivers enter the pits at one stage of the races, jump up out of their kart's and then tap the pit lane gate before running back to their karts to rejoin the race.

Lukasz Luszczek was the overall victor with Wilson Leung taking home the silver trophy. Allen Stallard and Tom Mansfield both finished with the same amount of points coming in joint third.



We've got some fantastic #GRID Member Only events lined up with an F1 race night taking place on 19th March - secure your spaces now to make your way to the top of the podium!


Ian Burnell-Fraser takes the top spot for February with a fantastic lap time of 29.150s closely followed however with Lewis Foster in 2nd place with a competitive lap time of 29.173s. Tom Mansfield follows in 3rd place with 29.201s!

Can you beat their times in March? Check back in April to see if you have made the March Leaderboard!


Young karters.. our fantastic Cadet Academy is off to a great start with increasing numbers of junior drivers and fantastic tuition available to the future karting stars of the track.

Our Cadet Kart Academy is now running on a monthly basis providing tuition and competitions for younger drivers.

It's a fantastic opportunity to make karting their favourite hobby and with a loyalty scheme in place too including fantastic membership benefits to join in with - there has never been a better way to get the kids into karting!

We will also be running our Junior track day mornings throughout the Easter holidays!

Find out more about Cadet Kart Academy here.


Bradley Court takes the top spot for January with an epic time of 29.060s but Ed Bullen was coming up right beside him in 2nd place with a lap time of 29.069s.

Adam Ferris comes in 3rd place with a lap time of 29.074s - a very close leaderboard for January and a fantastic month of karting!

Can you beat their times in February? Check back in March to see if you have made the February Leaderboard!


The race meeting got off to a flying start with all drivers arriving on time and into the briefing room for their safety talk/brief. Once this was completed all drivers made their way down to begin their 5 minute practice.  All drivers seemed happy and satisfied with their practice/hot lap qualifier. Once the qualifying stages of the race were completed all drivers were given a short break before the main race was to begin.

Once all drivers were ready to go they were summoned to the pit lane and seated into their karts. The race began with a 2 lap pace kart driven by JG, with Tom Mansfield qualifying first he was at the front of the pack with Sam Bennet hot on his heels to begin with, Allen Stallard following them closely in third place having Ian Burnell-Fraiser apply the pressure from fourth. Charlie Taylor started the race in fifth with Bradley Court in sixth. Tyler Groves started the race in seventh place with Lloyd Freeman in eighth position off the grid. Andrew Milne started the race in ninth place with Ed Bullen behind him in tenth.

The race got off to a flying start and was running smoothly for approx 15 minutes until an issue arose with Charlie Taylor's kart where he was dropping away from the rest of the pack hitting only an average of a 32 second laptime (qualified with a 30 second laptime). The race came to a halt in order to swap his kart over, As we did this we had a secondary problem with a Ian Burnell-fraiser's kart, in this time gap we swapped both karts within 5 mins and the race was back up to speed again. Ian was not happy with his replacement kart as the tyres were cold and he reported to the track staff that it was 'gutless', he then pursued to retire from the race after completing 21 laps. 

The race continued without any issues until Andrew Milne bought his kart into the pit lane complaining of the brakes seizing. We swapped the kart immediately and Andrew rejoined the race after a brief 2 minute stop on the red lights. After the green lights were re initiated the race continued with Tom Mansfield holding his lead away from the rest of the pack with Sam Bennet hot on his tail; for a majority of the race. Unfortunately on a yellow light condition Bradley Court managed to get level with Allan Stallard and stole third place from him when the lights went back to green. He was then blue flagged on the next lap and respectfully ushered Allan  past to regain his rightful position, Brad then later climbed from fourth place up to second, knocking Sam Bennet into third position by the fall of the chequered flag.

Tom Mansfield claimed the title of 'the ace' and took home the gold trophy.



After all 7 seven teams had completed their 20 min practice session, it was time to get the TC120 under-way with a two lap rolling start! 

As soon as the lights went green the race was under-way, and was very competitive from the outset. With in the first three mins T2 D.R.S. Rob took first position, with T3 D.R.S Dan in second and T7 Edd in third. 15 mins in to the race there was still no change to the leader-board even though we had driver changes and dummy driver changes happening in the pit lane. But our "Driver miss daisy's"  that were in last position had improved by two seconds (T4 Piaxao's).

30 mins in, T1 ABI racing had moved into 3rd position, with T7 Edd dropping into 4th. Then the team tactics came into play with the driver changes. 40 mins into the race the leader board was as follows: 1st: T2 D.R.S. Rob, 2nd T3 D.R.S. Dan, 3rd T7 Edd, 4th T5 Scuderia Rosso, 5th T1 ABI Racing, 6th T6 The Farmers and 7th T4 Piaxao's.

10 mins later/ 50 mins in the positions took a complete re-shuffle due driver changes, But T5 Scuderia Rosso took the advantage. 1st: T5 Scuderia Rosso, 2nd T7 Edd, 3rd T3 D.R.S. Dan, 4th T2 D.R.S. Rob, 5th T1 ABI racing, 6th T6 The Farmers and 7th T4 Piaxao's. 

At this point in the race, Penalties were and had been given due to a few "optimistic driving manoeuvres", but the drivers forged ahead none the less!

With five teams battling for the top 5 positions all on the same lap, we saw some very good driving. To point were T6 The Farmers who are Teamsport Race winners for many years commented: " I don't think it matters which kart were are in this evening, because we are being out driven! and its a pleasure to see" 

35 mins left to go. T7 Edd was in 1st, with T2 D.R.S. Rob in 2nd, T3 D.R.S Dan in 3rd, T5 Scuderia Rosso in 4th, T1 ABI racing in 5th, T6 The Farmers in 6th with our Driver miss daisy's in 7th. 

As we entered the last 20 mins of the race T1 ABI Racing moved into 4th, with T5 Scuderia Rosso dropping into 5th despite their efforts. While all other teams were fighting for position. The phrase is: "its tough at the top" and that it was. With two teams on two penalty points: T4 Piaxao's and T7 Edd our race leaders. All drivers put in their best, knowing that T7 Edd only had to make one wrong move and he would lose it all. 

But, that was not the case. T7 kept their their head and held off all the rest and on crossing the line the results were as follows: 

1st: T7 Edd
2nd: T2 D.R.S. Rob
3rd: T3 D.R.S Dan
4th: T1 ABI Racing
5th: T5 Scuderia Rosso
6th: T6 The Farmers
7th: T4 Piaxao's



PAUL Slocomb takes the top spot for December with a fastest lap of 28.700s with Allen Stallard only moments behind him with 28.736s.

Tom Mansfield takes third place closely following with 28.851s.

Can you beat their times in January? Check back in February to see if you have made the January Leaderboard!


Although it wasn’t scheduled until very short notice we had a full house with 11 competitors (plus Santa) for the Chase the Santa member’s race on Tuesday 30th December.

After a 5 minute open practice to warm up the drivers completed a single ‘hot lap’ to set the starting order.

Bradley court topped the order with a 30.287 second lap, followed by:

Sam Bennett 30.332
SANTA 30.404
Craig Tucker 30.428
Tom Mansfield 30.433
Allen Stallard 30.573
Ian Burnell – Fraser 30.893
Ed Bullen 30.908
Bethany Pearson 31.163
Steve Hall 31.224
Brett Gaskin 31.768
Adam Mclean 32.524

After just 5 minutes rest and respite the drivers left the pit for a parade lap to move into qualifying order, (barring SANTA who was given ‘NORTH’ POLE POSTION so as he could be chased!) prior to the pace kart start a lap later.

The drivers all raced very well and cleanly, completing 91 laps in the allotted 45 minutes of racing, having had only one yellow safety light during the entire race.

Bradley Court managed to get past SANTA after approximately 4 laps and lead all the way to the finish, Tom Mansfield raced well from 5th place start gaining 2nd place for the podium and Ian Burnell – Fraser started 7th and managed 3rd place finish, on the podium positions. 

The full result was as follows:

1st Bradley Court (91 laps) best lap 29.081
2nd Tom Mansfield (plus 0.254 second) best lap 29.087
3rd Ian Burnell – Fraser (plus 1 lap) best lap 29.536
4th Ed Bullen best lap 29.448
5th Sam Bennett best lap 29.514
6th Allen Stallard best lap 29.258
7th Craig Tucker (plus 2 laps) best lap 29.595
8th Steve Hall best lap 29.883
9th Bethany Pearson (plus 3 laps) best lap 29.843
10th Brett Gaskin (plus 4 laps) best lap 29.956
11th Adam Mclean (plus 5 laps) best lap 30.571

The January date has already been released for Wednesday 28th for 7:30pm arrival, there are 22 seats available for #GRID members of all abilities, the initial qualifying period on the night will put the drivers into either the A or B race determined by the lap times completed on the night. 

Bradley Court will be the defending ACE racing free of charge for the A final and Tyler Groves (who won the inaugural “club race” in November) will be the returning ACE for the B final.

Missed out? Check out our January events and get involved!


OUR brand new Cadet Academy is a fantastic way for young drivers aged between 8 years and 16 years to progress their way through karting and learn the best techniques. The Academy is staged from Beginner through to Advanced where karters will then be invited to compete in TeamSport championships across our 13 locations. Existing young #GRID members will go straight through to Intermediate stage should they meet the required criteria. 

If you are a young driver, or would like to get your child into karting then Cadet Academy is the perfect option! Beginners stage is open to all drivers and once progressed to next stage they will be required to become part of the #GRID and are on their way to the podium! 

Sessions will run on a monthly basis to begin with so give us a call or visit your local track for more information.

Check out Cadet Academy on our website.


TOM Mansfield takes the top spot with a lap time of 28.737 for November, not as fast as the previous month but enough competition for the rest of them. In 2nd place was an extremely close Bethany Pearson (28.754) and Paraskevas Pavlou (28.789) came in 3rd.

Can you beat their times in December? Check back in January to see if you have made the December Leaderboard!


Part One (Elite Club):

Upon arrival it was decided to change the race format from the F1 as scheduled to the Indy-car instead as the drivers were a little bored of the F1 format, keeping the race director on his toes!!
After free practice we saw Sam Bennett top the table with a best lap of 29.301.

Onto the 4 lap averaged qualifying and again Sam Bennett was fastest with an average lap time of (29.427), Bradley Court – (29.922), Craig Tucker – (30.004) & James Dougherty – (30.224) lined up behind from 2nd to 4th.

The race was started behind the pace-kart in true Indy-car style, with each driver due to complete 1 pit-stop/drive-through (at their discretion) during the 30 minute race, Tom Mansfield and Lucas Luszczek completed their pit stops early to get them done out of the way, Sam Bennett lead all the way managing to build enough of a lead to complete his pit stop without losing his position, ultimately finishing 15.827 seconds clear of Bradley Court in 2nd place , who in turn finished just 4.213 seconds ahead of Lucas Luszczek in 3rd place.

Ed Bullen was just a mere 4.94 seconds further back finishing in 4th place just off the podium.

Part Two (New Members Club):

So the newer members, unlike the Elite Club decided to stick with the F1 format and the six competitors went through the 3 stage qualifying with Lloyd Freeman gaining 6th, Oliver Crowe 5th, Marc Jerrard 4th, Andrew Milne 3rd, Lucas Luszczek 2nd & Tyler Groves earned himself Pole Position for race #1.

Race #1 was started from the grid with Tyler Groves leading for the entire race unchallenged, Oliver Crowe made up good ground to finish 2nd with Lucas Luszczek taking 3rd place.

For race #2 the qualifying order for the drivers was reversed however we ensured the karts were lined up in ORIGINAL qualifying order so the drivers had to use one others karts for the 2nd race to keep things as fair as possible. Lloyd Freeman was the Pole position driver for this race and did fantastically well to win the race unchallenged with Lucas Luszczek finishing well in 2nd just 1.082 secs behind, Andrew Milne finished 3rd in this race a further 10 secs behind.

After tallying up the points per position in each race we had 3 drivers tied on points for the win!! This meant we had to use their qualifying times in order to split them for the top 3 positions which were: 1st Tyler Groves, 2nd Lucas Luszczek and 3rd was Lloyd Freeman.


SAM Bennett retains the top spot with a lap time of 28.456 for October, closely followed by Sean Bristow (28.653) and Ed Bullen (28.851) coming in 3rd.

Can you beat their times in November? Check back in December to see if you have made the November Leaderboard!


Wednesday the 15th October we had the #GRID Team Challenge, 8 teams arrived to compete over a 2 hour race.

After 15 minutes qualifying they lined up behind the pace-kart ready to start the race, with Crash-test Dummies in pole position, D.R.S Racing in 2nd and Camberley Carters starting in 3rd.

After the lights turned to green the racing got under way, some very good racing followed with only 3 safety lights caused throughout the entire race.

The top teams were split by just seconds throughout the race with the lead changing hands frequently as the leaders found the back markers.

All but 2 teams managed to set sub 29 second laps and the gap between 1st – Camberley Carters and 2nd – DRS Racing was just 1.45 seconds, with 3rd – Skidmarks a mere 12.5 seconds further back.

The full standings were as follows:

Team Name Best lap
1st Camberley Carters 28.534
2nd DRS Racing 28.757 -1.45 sec
3rd Skidmarks 28.691 -13.94 sec
4th Crashtest Dummies 28.626 -1 lap
5th WROS1 28.919 -2 laps
6th Team Gordon 28.687 -3 laps
7th The 2 B’s 29.293 -3 laps
8th Three Stooges 29.754 -12 laps

The Team Challenge will return in November to battle it out again, and take on some new rivals so watch this space to see what happens next or get yourself involved and book a team!

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