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Go Karting Tips - Sheffield

Go Karting Tips - Sheffield

Are you worried about what to expect when the time comes to take the wheel at our Sheffield track? Or, are you a seasoned karter that's determined to master some of the trickiest parts of our circuit, like the daunting hairpin? Whatever it is, we've got you covered at TeamSport.

Working with our experienced drivers, we've created three amazing videos (and compiled our best tips) to help you handle the most difficult manoeuvres on our track with ease.

Put yourself in the driving seat, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Discover exactly what it's like to complete the perfect flying lap around one of our multi-level, 475m tracks in Sheffield by watching the video above.

Double left into a chicane

To make things challenging, we've paired a chicane with a double left-hander. When you're travelling at speed, this can be tough - so let's learn how to perfect this section of the track safely, all while maintaining the momentum you need to win the race.

Master the double left-hander and chicane:

  1. This is it, the double left-hander is on the horizon. While it might be tempting, it's important not to brake here. This isn't a hairpin.
  2. You should, however, lift your foot off the gas as you take the first left.
  3. As you slow down slightly, make sure your kart remains in the centre of the track.
  4. Coast off the second left apex, and drive into the chicane.
  5. Go full throttle, and hit the gas!
  6. Keep things under control - don't let your kart drift left.
  7. Power through, and continue to the next section of the circuit.

Taking a hairpin after a slope

Don't let the hairpin on our Sheffield track catch you out. It appears straight after a slope, right inside the tunnel. Grab the wheel karters, and let's do this.

How to take a hairpin after a slope:

  1. As you whizz down the slope, stick to the right-hand side of the track.
  2. Eye up your braking point, and press down on the brake.
  3. As you turn, be sure to hit the apex.
  4. Don't let the kart go wide!
  5. Instead, keep your kart pointing towards the centre straight after the hairpin.
  6. This'll prepare you for the next step, lining you up for a quick right-hander.
  7. Go for it with the gas, and continue with the rest of the lap!

Can't wait to come down to TeamSport Sheffield and experience our state-of-the-art go karts for yourself? We're based on Shepcote Lane, just two miles from Meadowhall Centre. It's easy to find us, but be sure to book your slot in advance to secure your place.