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Go Karting Tips - Reading

Go Karting Tips - Reading

About to embark on your first ever race at our Reading track? Or are you an avid karter, keen to knock a few vital seconds off your personal best? Regardless of how experienced you are, make sure you check out our expert advice so that your next laps are your best laps yet.

With a little help from our expert TeamSport drivers, we're going to teach you how to complete that perfect lap with our latest flying lap video. Get ready to take on our colossal 900m International circuit which is spread over a whopping three floors!

Get the full indoor go karting experience at our Reading track from the driver's seat in our video above. Jam-packed full of tips, you're guaranteed to impress your fellow racers with your new skills. 900m of pure thrills await, so what are you waiting for?

Breeze through the Tricky 180

As you make your way up to the middle section, you'll come across this perfectly designed 180. Keep to the right-hand side as you drive into it. This manoeuvre is tricky, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you!

Complete the perfect 180:

  1. Don't be shy, as you come up to the 180 make sure you go full throttle!
  2. Stay wide to make sure you give yourself enough space to master the move.
  3. Dab the brakes to stay in control.
  4. Take a sharp turn in so your kart starts to drift into the corner.
  5. You’ll need to clip the barrier at the corner (apex), before straightening up in the centre of the track.
  6. Accelerate away, with the 180 behind you, completed!

Floor the Fast Finish

This is it, the finish line is in sight! Go on, give it all you've got, and make sure you put pedal to the metal on this awesome final section of the track.

Nail that fast finish:

  1. A fast finish means plenty of speed. Put your foot down and go full throttle.
  2. Make sure you keep wide as you hurtle down the ramp.
  3. Lift off the accelerator slightly (leaving the brake alone) as you reach the bottom.
  4. Hold the turn using only the tyre grip and faith in yourself that you will make it.
  5. Power up! Keep your foot to the floor.
  6. Straighten the kart, then use the full width of the track to your advantage!
  7. Keep up your miles per hour (mph) and cross over the finish line at top speed!

Think you're ready to face our three-storey track at Reading? Book online today with TeamSport, adrenaline-fuelled fun is only a few clicks away.