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  1. Do I need to be a member to participate?
    Yes. This year’s competition is only open to #GRID members however you can purchase membership prior to setting the required top three lap times in order to take part.

  2. How many rounds are there?
    There are three rounds. Round One is a fastest lap time competition, Round Two is a series of Track Attack events and Round Three is the final races.

  3. When can I enter? Can I enter in June?
    Yes, as long as you set two lap times between the 1st May and 30th June, with a final lap time in July, then you will qualify for entry.

  4. Can I set both lap times for May and June in one race session?
    All lap times need to be set on separate visits.

  5. Can I set my lap times at different tracks?
    No, you must compete at the same track throughout the entire competition.

  6. What type of sessions can I set my laps on?
    You can set your laps on any type of race session. Unfortunately loyalty cards and birthday sessions are not valid.

  7. Do I need to set the fastest lap in Round One?
    Yes, the aim is to set your fastest possible lap times to proceed to Round Two and the break point lap time will determine which category you are placed in if a driving standard is required based on your average lap.

  8. Will my lap times be automatically entered?
    No, you will be required to ensure your times are submitted at the end of your visit with a member of staff or at reception, your times will then be registered. You will need to do this for every visit no matter how many times you visit, and the top three times will be your final submission.

  9. What are the categories?
    There are eight categories in this year’s competition based on age, weight and driving standards. You can see the categories and find out more information on which category you will be placed in here

  10. What if my age or weight changes during the Championship?
    You will remain in the category that you were placed in from the start of the Championship.

  11. My nearest track is Liverpool, will my finals be all the way in London?
    No. This year the competition is run in two different regions with Finals taking place in Warrington and Reading. You can find out which region your track is in here.

  12. What is the format of the competition?
    You can find out all information on the competition format here.

  13. How much does it cost to enter?
    Participants must have a valid annual Membership, which costs £19.95 to renew for a year. The entry cost will depend on what type of race sessions you book to attend and set your lap times. Track attack dates and prices can be viewed here - Region A or Region B. The finals will be free of charge.

  14. What are the prizes this year?
    You can check out all the awesome prizes here

  15. My membership expires during the competition, can I still enter?
    You will need to renew your membership to continue your participation in the competition.

  16. Can TeamSport staff participate?
    No. Unfortunately members of staff cannot enter KartChamps.

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