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TeamSport Members Championship

Championship Format

However fast you race, however much you weigh – there is a championship for you!

The weight categories will mean you are always racing evenly and the division of driving standards with Club and Elite level will mean you will be driving with those at the same racing level. We have made these changes as a result of feedback from previous years to ensure the competition is as exciting and challenging as possible.


This round is based on setting your three fastest lap times in order to qualify into Round Two.

This round is split into two:

1st May to 30th June 2016: Two lap times to be set
1st July to 31st July 2016: One lap time to be set

As shown above all drivers are required to set two lap times between 1st May and 30th June 2016 from different sessions on separate visits. You will then be required to set a third lap time in July.

You can attend as many sessions as you like and set as many lap times as you wish until you are happy to submit your top three fastest times.

Lap times can be set on any type of event format whether it’s an Open Timed Race Session, Unlimited Night or Member Events. All lap times must be set at the same track.

At the end of each session you must speak to a member of staff in order to ensure your top lap times are submitted for competition entry.

Once all three lap times have been submitted, the drivers with the fastest lap times will be invited to participate in Round Two which will take place on selected evenings throughout August. If you are in a category that is split by driving standards then your submitted lap times will determine whether you are Club level or Elite level based on your average time.

You can monitor your position throughout each month by checking the HOT LAP Board at your venue’s #GRID area or ask a member of staff for more details.


Track Attack is the ultimate twist on our Unlimited event format so be prepared for pure raw racing and playing by the rules. Introducing Blue Flags for drivers slowing other drivers up and Black Flags for drivers who cause Yellow Lights.

Round One qualifiers will be invited to attend any or as many of our Track Attack sessions which will be running three nights a week at your qualifying track. All categories will compete within the same Track Attack events except Cadets which will be run in an earlier session.

The aim is to set as many consistent fast lap times as possible to create the lowest number when all lap times are added together at the end of the night. Lowest number wins.

Only one person per category will secure a place in the final on each night.

Track attack dates:

Region A
Region B


The finals will take place towards the end of August and the beginning of September with each category taking place on different dates depending on the region.

Region A finals will be held on the Warrington International Circuit, Cadet venue is to be confirmed and Region B finals will be held on Reading’s International Circuit, Cadet circuit is to be confirmed. 

Dates will be announced shortly.

Finalists on their designated night will be split into three groups. Each group will participate in a five minute practice and each driver will then proceed to take 1 qualifying hot lap.

Drivers will then be put into three groups to participate in two rounds of 7 minute heats.

Points will be accumulated depending on the lap times completed in the heats, and will determine which final you race in; Final A, Final B or Final C.

Final C will proceed first in a 7 minute final race, the winner of Final C will then proceed to Final B starting from the back.

Final B will proceed in the second 7 minute final race, the winner of Final B will then proceed to Final A starting from the back.

Final A will proceed in a concluding 7 minute race and the winner will be crowned KartChamp 2016 for that category!

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