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Feeling competitive?

Get ready to experience karting like never before in our new open F1 styled race event where you can race against your mates in a group or come along as an individual to meet some new competition. The 50 lap race is our longest individual race format and is sure to get you buzzing as you jump in the driving seat and show off your karting skills in attempt to be the one to take home the trophy.

Who can race?

Our 50 Lap Races are an open format therefore you can race as an individual or as part of a group joining other individuals and groups out on the track! All 50 Lap Races are Adult Karts only with a minimum age of 16 years and a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches required.

What’s the format?

Once you’re in your race-wear looking like a pro and have been educated in rule obeying from our safety briefing, the team will get you into the pits and out for some practice laps. After a quick familiarisation with the circuit, it’s race mode. Time to accelerate and own that racing line, leaving everyone and everything else behind. This exciting format is non-stop, and it’s the first driver to reach 50 laps who is claiming the top spot on the podium. As soon as the first driver gets to 50 laps, the chequered flag will be raised and all karters will return to the pits. It’s not over yet though, as everyone will then head to the podium for the winner to soak up the glory as well as trophies for 2nd and 3rd place to take home too! Celebratory beers at the bar afterwards - optional..

What’s included?

- Race-suit and helmet hire
- Safety briefing
- Up to 50 laps of the track
- Trophy presentation for the top three drivers

How long is the experience?

Event duration will vary depending on track length, so please be sure to check this when booking if you’re on a tight schedule! Unfortunately our 50 lap format is not available at the Farnborough, Manchester, Tower Bridge, Warrington or West London locations. We ask all participants to arrive 40 minutes prior to their on track schedule time.

How much does it cost?

The 50 lap race experience is £40pp + balaclava purchase

Do I need to book?

Yes! To avoid disappointment and not miss out, you can book your 50 lap race online today!

You can book as many or as few drivers as you like, however to run the 50 lap races we need a minimum of 4 drivers participating in the race. If we don’t have enough demand, don’t worry, we’ll either offer you the option to reschedule your event or switch to one of our open timed formats.

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