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Family Go Karting


Does dad really think he’s faster than mum? Has your brother challenged you to a head-to-head duel? Steer your family to TeamSport for an afternoon of high-octane racing and discover the whirlwind world of go karting!  

With a whole host of events available, we’ve got just the ticket when it comes to settling any family feud. Challenge Mum to the fastest lap in our open timed sessions or go head-to-head with your siblings with our Family Madness offer – whatever you’re after, we’re sure to have the perfect event for you and your family at one of our nationwide circuits throughout the UK.

We understand that in a world of video games, TV and tablets, it’s sometimes tough to get the whole family together for a good old-fashioned day out. Which is why TeamSport offer the perfect solution with some unforgettable experiences in a safe and supervised environment!

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

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