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Family Go Karting


It’s a tough job keeping your children entertained during those long school holidays or weekends and that’s why TeamSport offers just what you need. In a safe and supervised, professional environment you can let your budding F1 superstars put their ability to the test and have a thrilling time as they try to beat you or their friends to the chequered flag.

Let’s face it, family go karting makes a real difference from going to the cinema or the kids spending hours on computer games. It’s great value too. It’ll give you some memorable moments as you all get together on the grid primed to race the socks off each other. It’s more than just great fun and a real laugh; it puts all your talents for strategy, quick thinking and nerve to the test as well as being a great way to spend some much-needed family time.  So what are you waiting for?  Book your family go karting event today.

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