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The Eliminator


Want a competitive race with an extra twist?

Prepare yourself for domination or elimination. This event is not for the weak and requires focus, confidence and strength. It’s the perfect event for groups wanting more track time, a premium race experience and guaranteed adrenaline fuelled fun.

Who can race?

The Eliminator is an adult only race experience with all drivers requiring a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches.

Not available at Farnborough, Manchester, Tower Bridge or West London.

What’s the format?

Once all drivers have registered, got suited up in your provided race-wear and been taken through a short safety briefing by our educated crew, be prepared for your heart to pound and your adrenaline to course through you in our most competitive event yet that is guaranteed to test your all-out skills. Your group will use tips from our team to put in some imperative practice laps, then your qualifying session will follow for your slot on the grid to be determined. The race will start after a short rest break and all drivers will compete to stay ahead, the slowest drivers in the last 5 minutes, on every other lap, will be black-flagged: Eliminated. This continues until there are three potential victors left on the track for the ultimate showdown. Who will take the chequered flag? The karter with the skill, determination and level-head to leave competitors standing.

What’s included?

- Race-suit and helmet hire
- Complimentary cotton branded balaclavas
- Safety briefing
- Exclusive track use
- Podium presentation with upgraded trophies


How long is the experience?

We recommend a minimum of two hours from arrival to finish for our Eliminator experience with all drivers getting a guaranteed 50 minutes worth of track time. Catering and meeting room packages are also available before and after your on track session.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £50pp

Do I need to book?

We advise to pre-book for all race sessions and would recommend booking an Eliminator event at least two weeks prior to your event date! This race format cannot be booked online so give us a call or submit your enquiry today.

Call 0844 998 0000* For a quote or more information