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Webber promised equality from Red Bull


Webber promised equality from Red Bull

Mark Webber free to race Vettel

After witnessing Red Bull land themselves in a controversial situation two weeks ago when they ordered Webber to stay behind Vettel in the closing stages of the race,

its clear they are determined not to let it damage their reputation as team players. With the German Grand Prix already well under way Christian Horner, keen to make amends has made it very clear that had the situation been reversed then Vettel would have been ordered to stay behind Webber. Webber, only 80 points behind his team mate is naturally desperate to finish ahead of him this weekend and it's no wonder after his fantastic performance at the British Grand Prix.

I'm feeling really good. The momentum has been coming for me off the back of  a strong weekend in Silverstone, particularly off the back of qualifying. Valancia was also quite positive for me. I'm looking forward to it even if it rains.

Still..we haven't seen Webber in any hurry to renew his contract yet and until we do it's every man for himself!

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