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Stag & Hen Ideas


Stag & Hen Ideas

So, February is an interesting month. You might have a half-term break that you need to fill with activities, there may be a Valentine’s proposal on the cards that will lead to a bit of Stag and Hen do planning, or you might just be looking for a great day out with family and friends. Whatever your February holds, here is my top 10 list of activities that will tick all the boxes.

Karting packages

Either with a mate or a date, get down to your nearest TeamSport track in February and you can clinch some of the best deals around for one-on-one racing, group events or solitary practicing. The right to own the podium or the leaderboard are at your fingertips:

Or if you are in charge of planning the group outing of the century, then picture the scene: More karting than you can shake a gear stick at, throw in some laser tag or paintballing if you wish, a pink race suit to really make the Stag’s (or Hen’s) day, enough food and drink to fill the Grand Canyon, a package that contains all you could want to make the ‘do’ to remember, and a whole weekend to enjoy it in. It doesn’t get much better than that. And this is all you need:


Not just available as part of our Stag and Hen packages, paintballing is one of the all time greatest ways to spend the afternoon with your mates. If you don’t like the idea of covering your nearest and dearest with paint then surely there is something wrong with you! You get to dress in cammi gear, re-enact any stealth mission you care to star in and combat your enemy (or that mate you have always wanted to bring down a peg or two) - who can say no to that?

Cocktail making or Whiskey Tasting

Not one to do before you hit the track, but certainly one to do if you like being a bit creative with your booze and have a night out or Stag/Hen do to plan. Mix a classic, or mix your own, this is the perfect opportunity to show the barman how it’s done. If Whiskey is your tipple of choice then this is a great excuse to taste some malts that will really put hairs on your chest.

Pub Crawl

This has always been and always will be a classic Stag do option, also known as ‘wine bar hoppety-skip’ for the Hens. Pick a handful of bars that are relatively close to each other (to avoid the “yeah of course we can get 15 of us into one taxi!” chat) and set the rules: A pint per pub? A vino per bar? A chaser per beverage, per venue? 10 minutes in each and all you can drink? Whatever the rules, the aim is simple; hit each one and the last man (or woman) standing is crowned the Pub Crawl Champion. Good luck.

Zip Lining and Caving

This basically involves gathering a group of outdoorsy-types, heading to Wales, and getting your adrenaline pumping. If you have a need for speed (45mph on a zipwire) or have always wanted to trampoline inside a huge cavern (yes, really) then this is the one for you. Overnight stays are included – perfect for a group shindig - and as long as you don’t mind a bit of rain (Wales is slightly renowned for it) then you can’t go wrong for an action-packed weekend with the gang.

Extreme Dodgems

This would be my choice aside from a karting marathon, so listen up: You take the driving seat in a stock car, your mates do the same, you’re given no-holds-barred access to a track and you are told to RACE. Worried about bumping into each other? Well don’t be – it’s expected. In fact it is encouraged. If you remember hitting the dodgems as a kid then this will bring back fond memories – except this time you can ‘bump’ your opponents without your mum telling you to be careful.

Zorb Football

If you go zorb footballing and get through it without laughing then I will give you £100*. It’s impossible. The situation is this: You gather mates for a kick-about and the usual footie rules apply, but there is one slight addition to the kit; a round air-filled zorb. This makes scoring, tackling and kicking exceedingly difficult but absolutely hilarious. A great day out for the family, or for a group who want to combine exercise with a lot of laughing.

 *not really

Sushi Making

Ok this one sounds a bit girly, but if you are planning an activity for the love in your life then this one will score you some brownie points. Slice, roll and marinade your way into their good books this Valentines. Equally, if you are in charge of planning a night out with a difference then this goes straight to the top of the list. And bonus; you get to eat what you make. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting

No, you don’t have to own anything made of tweed to do this sport; it is actually really accessible to anyone who owns a pair of wellies and fancies themselves as a crack-shot. Now as there isn’t any petrol or racing involved in this activity, you’d think I wouldn’t enjoy it, but actually I did. There’s something cool about mastering a skill like this that will keep you, your mates, dates or fellow Stags/Hens, intrigued for hours.

F1 Simulator

Ok so it is possible that I have saved the best until last here. This one will make Stags feel like Dons and Hens feel like, well like they can give Hamilton a run for his money. 10 F1 cars have been rigged with the latest digital F1 driving simulation so that you can pit your wits against your mates in an epic F1-style battle. You can even pick your favourite circuit to race around for a really authentic experience. Ever wanted to drive an F1 car? Then this is definitely the next best thing. Got a budding F1 star in the family? Then treat them to a day out this half term.

So whatever you are up to this February, and if popping the question is on the cards for Valentine’s Day, then good luck and happy karting!


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