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Remembering Henry Surtees


Remembering Henry Surtees

Henry Surtees: Two years on

Today marks the second anniversary since the death of Henry Surtees, son of British racing driver John Surtees, who sadly died at Brands Hatch during

a Formula Two race. At just 18 years old Surtees was struck by wheel which flew off Jack Clarke's car and collided with his helmet. Since his death in 2009, the Henry Surtees Foundation has been setup by his family who were largely inspired by his passion for Motorsport. The money raised for the project has been split between assisting people with brain or physical injuries caused by accidents, providing education associated with motor-sport related programmes and road safety for two and four wheels. Henry Surtees accident will always contine to shock fans around the world, the incident is a cruel reminder of how important the safety of Motorsport is, especially when fatalities are rare. Thankfully improvements and procedures are constantly being made to ensure the upmost safety of both cars and drivers. Henry Surtees 1991-2009

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