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New Year Resolutions


New Year Resolutions

Need a New Year’s resolution that you can actually stick to? Then here are some, pick yours.

Try a new track

We’ve added two new TeamSport tracks to our repertoire this year, so if you are anywhere near Liverpool or Nottingham then get down to our two newest and greatest karting venues – they have been built to blow all previous go karting experiences out of the water. 

If you are up for a new challenge at your local track then join in with one of the huge number of events we have devised to test speed, skill and determination. Try an event you haven’t done before and put your driving prowess to the test. Alternatively find a mate in another city and use him as an excuse to try another track in another town – go on, show them how it’s done.

Get fit

This one is a no-brainer if you are the kind of person that over indulges at Christmas and then vows to take up a gym membership or a running challenge every January. So instead of hitting the gym how about taking up a new sport? You’ll be surprised at how many local sports centers house 5-a-side footy, netball, basketball and badminton practice sessions. Join one and you might discover a new talent, or at the very least you’ll discover a new way to fill your evenings when you are not at the track. 

Follow a new motorsport

Ok so we all love F1 and we all know our slicks from our wet weathers, so maybe it is time to broaden our horizons. I for one have been glued to the MotoGP Championship this year, where the final race could not be closer to the wire. Never have I seen a sport with more grit, speed,  precision and nail-biting action. It’s ace.

Try watching a race you haven’t watched before – trust me you won’t be disappointed as there are some awesome motorsports out there – BTCC, F1, FormulaE, Carrera Cup, Indy Car, WRC to name a few! Better yet, go and see one of these races in the flesh – get close enough to soak up the action and smell the diesel.

Go to a race

And that brings me to my next point. Watching any motorsport race is exciting but watching it trackside is even better. If you are close enough to see the ‘this is terrifying’ look on the driver’s face, then you are close enough to the action to feel the same buzz that they are. The New Year is the perfect time to see what is on at your local track, or check out the timetable for Silverstone as it is packed with action all year round - from MotoGP to World Endurance - with tickets at really good prices. If you haven’t checked out a hill climb, ralley or enduro first hand then this is something you HAVE GOT TO DO.

Whatever resolution you make as the clock strikes midnight, make it a good one. And remember – you are more likely to keep to a resolution that you enjoy, so I’ll see you at the track soon, right?



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