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McLaren Looking to Try New Parts in China Grand Prix


McLaren Looking to Try New Parts in China Grand Prix

Team Principle Martin Whitmarsh Wants to Try New Parts in China

With only a week since the last Grand Prix each team have only had a short period to think about the strategy they need to employ

to better their chances at winning the next race in China. McLaren’s team principle Martin Whitmarsh has said that they tried out some new parts during the practice at the Malaysian Grand Prix but they weren’t confident enough to go ahead and use them in case of reliability issues. However we might expect to see McLaren trying to use the new floor and exhaust again and see if they can work some magic out. Constant work has to be done on the car to keep it competitive and with Ferrari looking like they are catching up with the lead pace it would be a great time for McLaren to have a reliable solution in place to keep up with the Red Bulls and challenge them to pole position. An interesting fact here is if Vettel wins the Chinese Grand Prix then he’ll be the first to win 5 consecutive Grands Prix since Schumacher who actually went on to win 7 in a row.

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