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Is Ferrari Trying to Push a Third Car Into Formula 1?


Is Ferrari Trying to Push a Third Car Into Formula 1?

Ferrari president says he wants to see three cars from teams.

Montezemolo has said that he would prefer to see three cars from each team

than watch the rookies struggle at the back of the grid. Luca di Montezemolo isn’t too reserved when it comes to voicing his opinion. His latest attack on Massa wasn’t necessary but he felt the need to let people know that he thought Massa had given up halfway through the season and sent in his brother in place of him. Granted, Massa hadn’t won a race all season but since this is coming from the same team that ordered Massa to hand over a potential win to Alonso you can’t help but feel he had good reason to not bother. Back to the main point of this blog then; what is Luca trying to achieve from this idea? Hopefully his formulated plan would be for the top constructors to gain an extra car and driver such that it would eliminate the need for the smaller teams. I can only presume that this comes from the frustration that the smaller teams are less developed and have a harder time competing, meaning quite simply more obstacles on the track. This is a very narrow minded approach to the sport; as much as I’d like to see another McLaren car tearing up the track it opens up a whole can of worms with how the sport is conducted. The fewer teams that compete just give way to having the race controlled by the teams themselves, drivers would become more and more meaningless. I think this is what I admire about the so called ‘smaller teams’ in Formula 1 at the moment, the fact that they may discover new talent in the least likely of places and a chance to flourish and expand their horizons. Once again though all this hope in a team is based upon money and how much of it they have. Even with the best drivers, a smaller team would struggle up against the behemoths that are Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren. Taking on such a big task is no small feat and with extra cars from such teams and fewer spaces for the smaller teams who would want to try and compete unless they had copious amounts of financial backing. How would you feel about a third car from each team? Do you think it would become a better sport or should it stay the way it is? I’m all for change but this just seems a little too extreme and I really can’t see who it would benefit. If you’re having a hard time deciding what would be best then take your mind of it for a while and come Karting instead at one of Team-Sports 11 superb tracks.

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