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Indian Grand Prix could be delayed


Indian Grand Prix could be delayed

f1 may delay indian grand prix to make way for bahrain's return to the calendar

In another turn of events to the never-ending Bahrain saga, the Indian Grand Prix could be delayed by several weeks to help accommodate Bahrain as a way of placing the Grand Prix back onto the

calendar. The idea is that the race in India will be moved from October 30th and rescheduled on 4th December, which also happens to be Formula One season's finale. We would then see Bahrain slot inbetween South Korea and Abu Dhabi, which would lessen the logistics involved in trying to fit in a race with such short notice. We are still waiting on a decision to be made in a couple of weeks as to when or even if the Bahrain GP will return to this season's F1 and with the deadline approaching fast, it suggests to me that F1 chiefs want to get it all sorted before 3rd June rather than waiting to see the official outcome. Still no solid decisions have yet been made and as discussions between Ecclestone and the FIA go ahead the speculation is beginning to look more and more likely that we could see the race taking place in 2011.

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