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F1 Season So Far - Towards The Chequered Flag

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F1 Season So Far - Towards The Chequered Flag

It’s been an interesting eight months as we come into the final weekend of the 2014 Formula 1 Championship and I am feeling more nervous than ever! This weekend’s Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Grand Prix marks the end of the season for 2014 but which driver will we see take the Championship? It’s been a clear Constructors winner throughout but with Rosberg’s win in Brazil, we have been set up for a real showcase this weekend from the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

In any other season, Lewis Hamilton would need to get himself in 6th place or above to take the title but with double points in place in Abu Dhabi this year, Hamilton’s team mate Nico Rosberg is still in with a big chance, causing some serious tension. This means that Hamilton must either finish the race ahead of Rosberg, or come in at least 2nd place to take the title. Not everyone, including myself, was in favour of the double points system to go ahead and those who were are now changing their minds. The battle for the title lies between the two Mercedes drivers and as a result the concern and tension this week lies with the team and ensuring that both drivers make it to the finish line. Hamilton and Rosberg have both seen technical failures this season, and both have also made driver errors; but there can only be one champion. Hamilton claims to be feeling confident about the race and the competition against his team mate and I’m with Toto Wolff on this one, as if Hamilton’s car was to have a failure, “it would be a nightmare.” The final race however is not only about the two Mercedes AMG Petronas boys as Caterham announce that they will be driving in the final race, but who will be their second driver? Marussia unfortunately will not be in the race, but could we still be seeing Max Chilton compete for Caterham to get his 2014 race finale? I quite like the idea of seeing a Brit make it to the finish line and prefer to see more cars out on the grid. We also see McLaren mark the end of their Mercedes partnership this week in their final race before beginning their engine partnership with Honda for the 2015 season. It’s the end of an era with some epic motoring history! McLaren are currently 5th in the Constructors Championship and with double points up for grabs in the final race, they have said they will not be taking it easy to ensure that they stay ahead of Force India! So what sort of season finale do we have ahead of us, will Rosberg and Hamilton manage to battle it out head to head to the end? Has the double points caused so much controversy that even Bernie Ecclestone is regretting his decision to implement them?  It’s an exciting weekend for motor racing, I’ll be following Formula E in Malaysia on Saturday and Sundays Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi before heading out for some Unlimited Sunday karting. So join in on my conversation on #Fanboost for FormulaE and #AbuDoubleDhabi Formula1 with @Karting and let me know who you want to be our 2014 Formula 1 champion!

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