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Bored This Summer?


Bored This Summer?

I am sure everyone remembers that feeling you got at the start of the summer holidays; that feeling of all-encompassing joy at knowing that you have got at least six weeks of freedom stretching out in front of you. But if you are anything like me, after a week or two the novelty wears off and you start looking for something to stave off the boredom.

So, although karting would be my number one choice of boredom-killer, there are of course a load of other great activities that I would love to have a go at, so I have rounded up a few of my favourite ‘must dos’ this summer for you.

Indoor Go Karting

The beauty about this one is that you can enjoy lap after lap of grin-growing fun whatever the weather decides to do. So if the English weather takes a turn for the worst – or indeed the opposite, and you are not a sun worshipper – get down to your local track and get on the grid. For Junior karters of the future, take advantage of our Junior Tracks Days where the karts and action are designed purely for kids. Or for a day out with all the family there is plenty of fun-filled events to check out.

With other offers guaranteed to push your accelerator pedal, there’s no excuse for not getting some much needed track time this summer.


As epic as its name, Zorbing is all the fun you can have acting like a maniac in a gigantic plastic bubble suit, throwing yourself down hills, into lakes and off cliffs without the fear of getting hurt or drowned. But now there is another dimension to zorbing; football. Yes Zorb Football has entered our lives and even if you are not a huge footy fan, donning a ‘zorb kit’ and running after a ball whilst bouncing off your opponents (or team mates), is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Go Ape

Not just an opportunity to release your inner monkey (although that is an absolute MUST), this is a chance for you to climb trees, swing from branches a hundred feet above the ground and generally act like a big kid. Not only can you do all of this without your mum shouting “get down from there!” (as safety harnesses ARE included) but it is designed for all ages and abilities, so get climbing – your ‘treetop adventure’ awaits.

If you are more of a ‘watcher’ than a ‘doer’ then why not head out and spectate some of the awesome races that are going on across the country this summer?

Motorbike trials

If you thought that climbing a sheer rock face or jumping across 6 foot gaps between 20 foot high walls is hard enough (or nigh on impossible), then imagine doing it on a motorbike. The name of the Trials game is not speed or winning a race, it’s negotiating “impossible” obstacles such as tree trunks, tractor tyres, walls, rocks, sheer faces, ditches, and anything huge or wide, without putting your foot on the floor or DYING. Seriously heart-stopping stuff, if you have never seen what Dougie Lampkin can do on a trials bike, then you need to get onto YouTube and have a look at this master at work. NOW.

Amateur trials take place all over the country so if you see one advertised in your neck of the woods then pop along – you’ll have new respect for precision motorcyclists like never before.

Drag racing

Now Santa Pod is the place to go if you want to see insanely decorated and designed cars get from A to B in the quickest time. Guaranteed to provide some heart-stopping moments and some hilarious spectacles, the art of drag racing is truly that; an art. Design is key, tech is paramount and ‘burn outs’ are an absolute must. Cars of different classes such as ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘Top Fuel’ go head to head in stages, eliminating the loser until a winner is crowned. Couple the action with a great atmosphere, plenty of food and kid-friendly viewing areas and you have yourselves a great day out.

Santa Pod has race events on a number of days this half term so get your ticket and get down there. You can even take your tent and make a real trip of it, with family-friendly camping areas to boot.

Stock cars

What do you get when you combine big, fast cars with small, fast tracks? Carnage, that’s what. Possibly the reason why stock car racing is completely crazy and nothing short of unmissably-good. With purpose-built cars that are designed for a constant left turn and contact from other cars, the action is all about racing around the small oval track without getting nudged into the barrier or wiped off the planet by a competitor. You need nerves of steel for this sport, but if you can master it and be lucky, the adrenaline rush will be worth it alone.

As a spectator you are promised all-out action so get to your local Banger or Stock Car track now – events are on-going throughout the year. This won’t disappoint!

Hill Climbs

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb is probably the most famous hill climb EVER and has played host to almost every type of car you can think of, as well as some seriously well-known racing drivers - Sir Stirling Moss is a previous champ. The aim is simple – get from the bottom to the top of the hill in record-quick time. The ‘hill’ is actually a driveway in the middle of the countryside that climbs 100m and has enough twists and turns to get even the best drivers in knots.

A great day out for the family and a really fun, relaxed environment, this promises entertainment at its best and car-related spectacles galore, and with more locations jumping on the ‘hill climb’ band wagon, there are hill climbs popping up all over the UK so keep an eye out for a local one.

Whatever you get up to this summer holiday, enjoy it. I wonder how many of you will get back to School, College or Uni and compare with your mates how many of Bruce’s ‘must dos’ you ticked off your list!


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