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Ayrton Senna: The Movie


Ayrton Senna: The Movie

Senna, regarded as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time

Today is the official release of director Asif Kapadia's movie Senna and for us motorsport fans we have been waiting in anticipation ever since we first heard about the movie-style documentary

in its early stages. The film is a documentary charting the three time Brazilian F1 champion and his decade long career before he sadly died in 1994 in a crash at Imola from fatal head injuries. The dangerous track had also claimed the life of Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger the day before and caused the hospitalisation of Rubens Barrichello during that fateful weekend in San Marino. Senna was a compelling individual who challenged the politics of Formula 1 and his maverick nature has indeed helped form the foundation of Kapadia's film. Ironically, it was Senna who was constantly pushing for safer tracks and at the time he was the one who fought the corruption and politics which was part of Formula 1. There are no visual effects in this film, everything you see which happens is real with no voiceovers with Senna narrating his own dramatic journey. I am really looking forward to seeing this film, reviews so far have promised it to be a compelling and heartbreaking tale with never-before seen footage which is why it had to be made into a movie, an inspirational story which needs to be told.

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