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5 Tips for Mastering the Turn


5 Tips for Mastering the Turn

Mastering the turn whilst go karting sounds like it would be pretty simple. However, in order to improve your karting, tackling the corners is one of the ways you can get faster on the track. Here are Bruce’s five tips to improve your turns. 1. Avoid turning too early It’s generally better to approach the corner from the outside of the track so that you aim to clip the corner after the apex. Many karters turn into the corners too early which results in them running wide and getting a poor exit from the corner. To improve your exit speed from a corner, it is good to turn in late. You should aim to clip the barriers on the inside for a late apex trying to straight line the exit as much as possible.

2. Slow in = fast out Brake first! If you find yourself approaching a corner at a fast pace, make sure you brake before you enter the corner to scrub of just enough speed to get the kart turned in and try to pick up the accelerator as early as possible on or before the apex of the corner in order to get the best possible exit speed. 3. Stay smooth Staying smooth through out your time on the track is vital to gain any decent lap times. However, maintaining speed through the corners is crucial. Any sudden movements on the brake or steering scrub off your speed and will slow you down through the corners and hinder that personal best. 4. Don’t over steer Do not over steer to the right or left in turns. It is important, as well as difficult, to remain control when steering into a corner. It can take a lot of coordination and practice but powering through the turns is a great way to master the corners. 5. Practice makes perfect Finally, the only way to constantly improve your karting is to practice! Try and get out on the track as much as possible so that you practice the above tips and other areas where you may be losing speed. WARNING: By following the above tips you may lose friends on the track due to your pure awesome technique on the corners.

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