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Kids Activity Days Brighton

Kids Activity Days Brighton

Brighten up your day in safety at Go Karting Brighton

Got that school holiday boredom? want something fun to do on your own or with your friends? Kids Activity Days Brighton could be your answer.

At Brighton’s new karting track, you’ll be sure to have a fun action packed day. If you’re 8-12 years old and meet the height requirements (please click here for more details) you can take up the challenge. If you’re aged 13 and upwards with a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches you’ll be able to use the more powerful senior karts.

Sound exciting? Yes, it is and you can be confident with our safety measures too. At Team Sport, safety is fundamental to an exhilarating, fun packed day. In fact we only let you onto our fabulous track once you’ve been fully briefed and trained on how to handle the specifically adapted karts. We also have marshals around the circuit to help out if you need it.

On your own or in a group, Kids Activity Days Brighton is the key

Because Kids Activity Days Brighton can be about being solo or with a group of your friends, our smart new Go Karting track offers a great range of different activities.

On your own you can set yourself a new PB target or practice your racing line on the corners. We also offer timed race sessions, premier sessions and for the ultra-competitive there’s the Open Grand Prix and exclusive Grand Prix. With a group you can try team go-kart racing, open team challenges or team events for exciting alternatives. You can also book a birthday party (8 kids minimum) and see who is the best of the bunch. Team Sport Goody Bags are also available for birthday parties so you can remember your fantastic day when you get home.

We offer something exciting, fun and challenging for everyone and perhaps one of you will be a future Formula 1 star!

Get social with Go Karting Brighton on the net

Want some tips on Kids Activity Days Brighton? or want to ask a specific motor racing type question? drop a message to our Stig, Bruce on Facebook, or if you want to join the rest of our happy racers follow us on Twitter, Facebook or My Space to keep up-to-date on all the news.

If you want to chat to people after a thrilling track race, head over to our food outlet, Fuel, where you can share tips and exciting manoeuvres in person. We have a range of food, from pizza to baguettes and sausage rolls to vegetarian bites to keep you fuelled up. If you fancy giving some live track side commentary you can also get a refreshing drink to make sure you can keep up with the pace.

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