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TeamSport’s Bruce is the king of karting. He was karting before karts were invented and nobody can beat his lap times (his words not ours!). He prides himself in knowing everything about all things with 4 wheels. He is an avid F1 fan and his predictions about who he thinks will be on the podium are scarily accurate, so if you want to keep ahead of the pack then read his motorsport news blog.

He will help you get your head around the new technology that dominates the action in the new F1 season and will offer guidance as to the new rules and challenges. Some of the drivers are struggling to get to grips with the new tech, but Bruce seems to have it nailed and is waiting to tell you all about it. In addition to being a total F1 geek, he will also give you the latest news, information and tips about what to look out for during the next Grand Prix. His insight will bring a new dimension to your race viewing, so check out his monthly blog here.

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F1 Season So Far - Towards The Chequered Flag

It’s been an interesting eight months as we come into the final weekend of the 2014 Formula 1 Championship and I am feeling more nervous than ever! This weekend’s Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Grand Prix marks the end of the season for 2014 but which driver will we see take the Championship? It’s been a clear Constructors winner throughout but with Rosberg’s win in Brazil, we have been set up for a real showcase this weekend from the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.


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Infographic: #F1 2014 round up before Abu Dhabi

The #F1 2014 season will end this weekend with the eagerly anticipated race in Abu Dhabi.   Things are looking good for Lewis Hamilton.  But could his chances of winning the Championship be thwarted by Abu Dhabi's controversial double-points system?  

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Three Car Teams

Are they the future?

So it seems that Bernie Ecclestone wants to see just eight teams compete in the F1, running three cars each. The reason behind this is that he believes “If you don’t have the finances, just quit.” But my argument is that this will turn F1 into a like-for-like race instead of having underdogs and wild cards like we do now. If Bernie wants to sort out the finances of the F1 circuit then maybe he should consider other options...

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Bruce’s Favourite DIY Go Karts

Well here they are, my favourite DIY karts ever built, we all know we gave this a go when we were younger and I’m sure all of you can remember thundering down a hill totally out of control in a shopping trolley you’d converted to make into your superkart! From ones made of sticks to ones with Rocket boosters, there is definitely some inspiration for us from these genius engineering superstars! Great memories, I just wish I’d had a couple of these to test drive when I was younger, or even now!


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